CCBR: Chaining Case Based Reasoning in Context-Aware Smart Home

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Conference Paper

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1st Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems


In ubiquitous computing environments like smart homes, context awareness is a very important component which aims at providing automatic services. This paper proposes chaining case based reasoning (CCBR) as the reasoning method which solves the vagueness of traditional case based reasoning (CBR) approach "In the certain case with more than one solution, we don’t know which solution or activity will be chosen to satisfy user's needs in smart home’s context."

The context's contents in a smart home are described in this paper. Also, we introduce the framework of context awareness based on CCBR and discuss the case representation, case adaptation, and similarity computation in detail. Our proposed CCBR integrated into the virtual smart home environment acquires knowledge about user actions that are recorded to determine their preferences and then simultaneously activates the devices with predefined settings.

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Dong Hoi, Vietnam