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Nonlinear Optics and Applications


In this Chapter, we provide a brief review of the underlying nonlinear Schrödinger and associated equations that model spatio-temporal propagation in one and higher dimensions in a nonlinear dispersive environment. Particular attention is given to fast adaptive numerical techniques to solve such equations, and in the presence of dispersion and nonlinearity management, saturating nonlinearity and nonparaxiality. A unique variational approach is also outlined which helps in determining the ranges of nonlinearity and dispersion parameters to ensure stable solutions of the nonlinear equations. The propagation of 3+1 dimensional spatio-temporal pulses, or optical bullets is also modeled using a fast adaptive split-step Hankel transform technique.

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Original citation: Nonlinear Optics and applications, 2007. Eds. Hossin A. Abdeldayem and Donald O. Frazier. Research Signpost. ISBN 978-81-308-0173-5


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