Critical Examination of Our Times: The State of Race on the University of Dayton Campus

Alumni Presentation and Panel: Engaging the Past

Alumni Presentation and Panel: Engaging the Past

V. Denise James, University of Dayton
Victoria Berthé, University of Dayton
Veronica Morris, University of Dayton
LaShea Smith, University of Dayton
J. W. Terry, University of Dayton

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The Alumni Panel featured three black, Dayton-area, UD alumni: LaShea Smith, B.A. International Studies, 1991; Veronica Morris, B.A. Communications Management, 1992; and J.W. Terry, B.S. Business Economics, 2010, Master’s of Public Administration, 2013. The alumni offered insightful perspectives on UD and race from their positions as graduates, as local business people, and, for one, as the mother of a UD student graduating in May 2016. The panelists were asked to prepare a short set of responses to two questions: 1) What were your most salient experience of race at UD? 2) Now, as a graduate of the university, what reflections about race on campus can you offer current students?