Brother Andy Weber's account of the 1913 Dayton Flood


Brother Andy Weber’s account of the 1913 Dayton, Ohio flood from his dormitory window of St. Mary’s Hall at the University of Dayton. Recorded in Alumni Hall, room 105, on Feb. 25, 1958. Part of the History of the Cincinnati Province on tape collection. University Archives and Special Collections, University of Dayton.

Transcript: From our dormitory windows we could see some of the havoc that was caused by the rising waters, particularly by the fires that occurred during the flood. The college side was used as a shelter for flood refugees since the boarders were home on their Easter recess, and the space there for use by the flood victims. Brother Louis Garavano did a magnificent job helping out the sisters at St. Elizabeth Hospital. He at times would have some narrow escapes, but he did manage to get to the hospital to bring them relief and whatnot during the time of the flood

Photograph courtesy the Marianist Archives.


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1913 Dayton flood, St. Mary's Institute, University of Dayton, Disaster victims, Natural disasters, Floods


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