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Today’s existing trauma of racial segregation and racial inequity links to the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC) and its practices as a government agency.



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Dayton, OH


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This publication contains harmful language that is indicative of the biases and racist attitudes of the time. It contains facts that are distressing and language that is hurtful. This information is meant to educate and provide a deeper understanding of why Dayton neighborhoods are racially segregated. The material discusses the history of the United States and the federal government policies that are responsible for inequities in the present-day landscape of Dayton, Ohio. Race-based discrimination has extreme detrimental effects on people and place. This is a call to action. Policy makers must be intentional in dismantling systemic racism. In the meantime, places are a result of place and time together. We must continue to combat bigotry and racism—starting right here on a local level in our own communities. With love, truth, unity, and understanding.

I love my city of Dayton. DeWeese-Ridgecrest is my neighborhood, and it is my home. Let’s reshape our narrative. Together, we can redesign our own “residential security map” in the voices of those who live here. If you would like to contribute to this project or get involved by telling your story of your neighborhood, please contact me.

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Atlas of Dayton Herald, November 2021: A Look Back into the Years 1933–1951 in America