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The Basic Communication Course Annual (BCCA) was first published in 1988 after the Midwest Basic Course Directors Conference. The Annual publishes the best scholarship available on topics related to the basic communication course and is distributed nationally to scholars and educators interested in the basic communication course.

Manuscripts published in the Annual are not restricted to any particular methodology or approach. They must, however, address issues significant to the basic course (defined broadly). In 2013, the Annual began including a Basic Course Forum section for shorter essays responding to a specific question. In 2016, the University of Dayton Department of Communication acquired the journal and its archives from the initial publisher and began publishing it as an open-access journal.

The submission process is now open for Volume 32. Use the links in the left column for information or to submit a paper.

Current Volume: Volume 31 (2019)

The articles presented in Volume 31 of the Annual encompass a wide range of topics that advance our understanding of basic course pedagogy, practice, and administration. Jillian Joyce, Alex Kritselis, Samantha Dunn, Cheri J. Simonds, and Ben Lynn open Volume 31 with a synthesis of research published over the past 13 years that reflects the current state of our journal. Their analysis calls for further research focusing on diverse student populations, innovative pedagogical methods, and a greater focus on basic course-specific issues.

The remaining articles discuss a variety of topics pertaining to our discipline’s introductory course, our “bread and butter” class, the “front porch” course, or whatever metaphor you would like to use to characterize the great work that happens here.

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Joseph P. Mazer



Growth Mindset: Associations with Apprehension, Self-Perceived Competence, and Beliefs about Public Speaking
Craig O. Stewart, John R. McConnell III, Lori A. Stallings, and Rod D. Roscoe


Online versus Face-to-Face Public Speaking Outcomes: A Comprehensive Assessment
Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post, Katherine E. Hyatt Hawkins, Anthony R. Arciero, and Andie S. Malterud



Accommodating Students With Anxiety: A Personal Success Story
Cheri J. Simonds, Jillian Joyce, Allison Metz, and Lauryn Oleson

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