Peer tutors have been used extensively within the communication discipline to enhance students' learning experiences (Hill, 1981; Webb & Lane, 1986). Research suggests that peer tutoring can have positive rewards for tutors and tutees (Goodland & Hurst, 1989; Topping, 1996). However, there is little to no research that explores the benefits received by peer tutors who run small group communication lab sessions for basic communication course students.

The qualitative data from focus group indicate that peer facilitators experienced: 1) self-development in terms of their self-esteem, confidence, and respect from themselves and others; 2) improved public speaking skills and better interpersonal relationship with family and friends, other peer facilitators, and individuals in positions of authority; and 3) external rewards in that they felt better prepared for post baccalaureate programs and to compete in the workplace.

The results of this study may be used as a basis for more in-depth research on the benefits derived from the peer facilitation experience in the basic communication course.



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