This study explored the impact that instructional technology use and instructor gender have on students’ perceptions of immediacy and affective learning in the basic communication course. Participants included 1526 undergraduate students from 72 sections of the basic course over the course of four semesters. A series of 2 X 2 factorial designs were used to uncover main and interaction effects. Results of the Multivariate analyses revealed a two-way interaction effect of technology use by instructor gender with the use of presentational software, and main effects for each form of technology (i.e., presentational software, video material, course webpages, course chatrooms, online testing, overheads). Follow-up procedures revealed significant differences for each of the dependent measures. Specifically, male instructors not using presentational software were perceived to use significantly lower levels of verbal and nonverbal immediacy, and to produce lower levels of affective learning for their students.



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