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Articles on Teaching Assistants in the Basic Course


This essay explores students perceptions of grad of the basic communication course. The primary purpose of this research was to identify and examine items of teacher effectiveness applied to graduate student instructors. Results suggest graduate student instructors are positively perceived on items evaluating teacher effectiveness of the graduate student instructors. A factor analysis suggests the emergence of two factors which relate to the task and interpersonal dimensions of teacher effectiveness. An alpha level of .88 established the reliability of the eight items which addressed these two dimensions as a measure of the perceived effectiveness of the graduate student as instructor.

A secondary purpose of the study was to identify any differences in student perceptions of graduate student instructors at the beginning or the end of the academic term or in the type of academic institution. Significant differences through analysis of variance techniques were identified on both dimensions.

Different aspects of exposure to graduate students were addressed as a key to the perceptions of graduate students as real teachers.