New Records of Namanereidinae (Polychaeta: Nereididae) from Hawaii

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Records of the Hawaii Biological Survey Part 2, Bishop Museum Occasional Papers


diated into freshwater and semiterrestrial environments, but for most places the namanereid fauna remains poorly documented. Hawai‘i is no exception with the description of Lycastis hawaiiensis (now Namalycastis) by Johnson (1903) representing the only record of an Hawaiian namanereid in the taxonomic literature. More common are reports of namanereid species in faunal synopses, checklists (e.g., van Zwaluwenburg, 1948; Brock & Brock, 1974; Maciolek & Brock, 1974; Bailey-Brock, 1987). All but one of these literature records can be assigned to Namalycastis hawaiiensis; the record of Namalycastis sp. by Maciolek & Brock (1974: 63) represents both N. hawaiiensis and Namanereis littoralis. Collecting trips to several islands in the Hawaiian group in January and February, 1987 (CJG) and in May–July 1995 (MEB, AJB, CMW) yielded an additional species of each genus, Namalycastis abiuma and Namanereis amboinensis, and new island records for the 2 previously known species. Comprehensive descriptions, full synonymies and justification for the generic placements of species reported herein can be found in Glasby (in press). Details of collecting localities at Kiholo Bay and Anaehoomalu (Hawai‘i) are available in Maciolek & Brock (1974). Abbreviations used in this note are as follows: AM, Australian Museum, Sydney; BPBM, Bishop Museum, Honolulu; HZM, Zoologisches Institut und Museum, Universität Hamburg, Hamburg; UH, University of Hawai‘i at Mänoa, Honolulu (collection of J. Bailey-Brock); BV, Barry A. Vittor Environmental Consulting, Mobile, AL.

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