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Journal of Clinical Microbiology


The growing prevalence and diversity of carbapenemase producers among carbapenem-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa (CRPA) isolates warrants an expansion of detection capabilities. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the performance of the commercially available Xpert Carba-R (Carba-R) and the research-use-only Xpert Carba-R NxG (Carba-R NxG) in a global collection of P. aeruginosa. The challenge set included 123 P. aeruginosa clinical isolates from 12 countries. Isolates were previously categorized via PCR or whole-genome sequencing. Carbapenemase classes tested include VIM, IMP, NDM, SPM, KPC, and GES. Non-carbapenemase (non-CP)-harboring isolates were also tested (negative control). Isolates were tested using the Carba-R NxG and the Carba-R tests per the manufacturer’s instructions. Carba-R NxG testing was completed by Cepheid (Sunnyvale, CA), blinded to genotype. Both assays gave negative results for all non-CP isolates and positive results for all VIM, NDM, and KPC isolates. An improvement in IMP detection among isolates was observed (100% detection by Carba-R NxG versus 58% by Carba-R). All SPM and GES isolates, targets not present in commercially available Carba-R, were positive by Carba-R NxG. Two isolates harbored both VIM and GES, while a third isolate contained VIM and NDM. The Carba-R NxG identified both targets in all 3 isolates, while the Carba-R was negative for both GES-containing isolates. Overall, the Carba-R NxG successfully categorized 100% of isolates tested compared with 68% for its predecessor. The Carba-R NxG will expand the detection spectrum of the current Carba-R assay to include SPM, GES, and expanded IMP variants, increasing the global utility of the test.


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CarbaR NxG, carbapenemase, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, rapid diagnostics