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Contains information about:

  • Home security and safety tips for the holidays
  • Block representative listing; Help Houses update and map
  • Clean Sweep report from Oct. 24: 400 bags of trash, 250-300 participants
  • Neighbor feature on Clara Hirsch, 78, of 427 Stonemill Road. Her uncle owned the former Hirsch's Grocery, which was at 304 Kiefaber St., and her grandparents lived in the farmhouse at 339 Kiefaber St., which had a slaughterhouse for chickens that Clara sometimes plucked and cleaned for UD banquets. From its previous use, the home still has a concrete hitching post in the sidewalk out front.
  • Services rundown for Off Campus Center (rake, broom and shovel lending)
  • Memo from coordinator for off-campus community relations about expectations of students

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This was a monthly newsletter published by the University of Dayton's Center for Off Campus Community Relations.

It contains terms (e.g., "Ghetto") that were part of the local lexicon but are now recognized to have been inappropriate.

Block Talk (November 1981)