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Disrupting and Transgressing the Canon: Including BIPOC Voices


Disrupting and Transgressing the Canon: Including BIPOC Voices



BIPOC perspectives are often scarce in scholarly academic venues and curriculum. This edited book is a curated collection of interdisciplinary, underrepresented voices, and lived experiences through critical methodologies for empowerment (Reilly & Lippard, 2018). Gloria Anzaldua’s (2015) autohistoria-teoría is a lens for decolonizing and theorizing of one’s own experiences, historical contexts, knowledge, and performances through creative acts, curriculum, and writing. Gloria Anzaldua coined, autohistoria-teoría, a feminist writing practice of testimonio as a way to create self-knowledge, belonging, and to bridge collaborative spaces through self-empowerment. Anzaldua encouraged us to focus towards social change through our testimonios and art, “[t]he healing images and narratives we imagine will eventually materialize” (Anzaldua & Keating, 2009, p. 247).

For this collection, we use lived experience or testimonios as an approach, a method, to conduct research and to bear witness to learners and one’s own experiences (Reyes & Rodríguez, 2012).


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BIPOC Alliances: Building Communities and Curricula


Information Age Publishing


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Educational Administration and Supervision | Educational Leadership

Disrupting and Transgressing the Canon: Including BIPOC Voices