The Catholic Hour, Episode 514

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John Connors, anchor Ralph Martin, moderator Fr. Mike Scanlan, commentator Mary Beth Bonacci, commentator Laurie Nieb, guest Mike Keller, anchor Bobbie J. Cavnar, anchor Hugo Pons, Producer of "Amelia" segment Julie Dunn, Producer of "Amelia" segment Amelia de Farhat, interviewee Archbishop Thomas D'Souza, speaker


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November 10, 1994


Weekly presentation of the Office of Radio and television of the Archdiocese of Denver featuring

  • Choices We Face: Youth Chastity with Ralph Martin, Fr. Michael Scanlan (President of Franciscan University of Steubenville), and Mary Beth Bonacci (speaker for females and chastity at a variety of Catholic events including Steubenville Conferences): Discussion of chastity pledges among high school youth and "the freedom to dump losers."
  • Catholic Update with Mike Keller: Laurie Nieb, Coordinator of Stewardship and Pastoral Councils, discusses "Come and You Will See," USCCB pastoral letter on stewardship.
  • Amelia: a segment on Amelia de Farhat's prompting by the Holy Spirit to change her community in Santiago, Chile
  • The Way Home: The Holy Spirit in the Life of Jesus with Bobbie J. Cavnar, Overall Coordinator of the Christian Community of God's Delight, and teaching by Archbishop D'Souza
  • Lumen 2000: segment on the significance of the rosary that saved a couple from being lost at sea.


catholic communication, chastity, youth culture, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Father Mike Scanlan, Mary Beth Bonacci, dating, sexual relationships, purity culture, Come and You Will See, financial stewardship, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Christian Community of God's Delight, Santiago, Chile, rosary


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