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Rhonda Mercs attended Wright State University and earned a BS in Psychology and a MS in Mental Health Counseling. After graduation, she worked full time in a school providing counseling services to students with severe behavior problems. Four years later, Rhonda began part-time work providing services in a youth partial hospitalization program, for an alternative classroom setting for students struggling, for a crisis unit, with IEP students in a local school district, and helping families connect with much needed services. After several years she returned to full-time work in a high school providing counseling services to students identified as emotionally disturbed. In 2007, Rhonda accepted a position to provide prevention and counseling services to students attending urban Catholic schools with high poverty rates. She remains with the same program today, known as the Urban Child Development Resource Center (UCDRC). After five years as a UCDRC counselor, Rhonda became the UCDRC director in 2012.