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Sister Carol Cimino is a Sister of Saint Joseph of Rochester. Currently she is the Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Buffalo, NY and in that position she oversees 60 elementary and high schools in an eight county area of Western New York State.

Sister Carol has served in a variety of positions in Catholic education, as teacher, principal, development director, and consultant. From 1987 to 2003 she was the Executive Director of the Catholic School Administrators' Association of New York State. From 2002-2013 she was a national religion consultant for the William H Sadlier publishing company and, in that position traveled to all 50 US states to conduct workshops, keynotes, and consultancies. In addition, she has served as an adjunct consultant with Catholic School Management Inc, and associate professor in the Catholic School Leadership program at Manhattan College.

The author of several articles, pamphlets and two books, Sister Carol is proudest of the fact that she is still the only religious woman to have been a three-day champion on "Jeopardy!".

Sister Carol continues to be available, on a limited basis, for talks and workshops and welcomes invitations to speak or do an in-service for principals, DREs, teachers, catechists, parents, and boards.