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Dr. Lee Shulman reminded those of us participating in the Catholic Higher Education Collaborative Conference of 2013 that some issues are intractable. Financing Catholic education for all who desire this gift seems to be just such a difficult and complex issue. However, offering hope and assurance for progress in issues of finance, Dr. Shulman also noted advances made, both in furthering scholarly work and in raising the bar for excellence in Catholic schools since the inaugural CHEC Conference in 2007. For example, Dr. Shulman highlighted meta-analyses of research connected to outcomes for students graduated from and currently attending Catholic education institutions; he also applauded the publication and implementation of the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools, along with other recent developments furthering the field. The charge for those participating in the 2013 CHEC Conference was to explore Catholic school financing as related to public funding, private support, cultivation of institutional commitment, and financial management. Truly it is the examination of these facets both individually and as integrated pathways that will lead to progress in securing the viability of Catholic schools.

The conference’s logistics offered opportunities to listen and respond, to ponder significant questions, and then to network outside of formal sessions. Participants listened to presentations about public funding, private support, financial management, and the cultivation of an institutional commitment, and after these presentations, we could ask questions or add commentary. Separate breakout groups were also held, at which participants with a variety of perspectives examined more specific questions about this range of topics germane to the financing of Catholic schools. Network potential was created in both formal and informal gatherings.

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