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U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station


This report was prepared by the Environmental Laboratory (EL), US Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station (WES), in partial fulfillment of Reimbursable Order No. 88-G4-07 from the Fort Monmouth Directorate of Engineering and Housing (DLH), Fort Monmouth, NJ.

The report was prepared by Mr. Wayne W. Sharp, Mr. Donald V. Chase, and Dr. Paul R. Schroeder of the Water Resources Engineering Group (WREG), Environmental Engineering Division (EED), EL. The work was accomplished under the direct supervision of Dr. John J. Ingram. Chief, WREG, and Dr. Raymond L. Montgomery, Chif, EED: qnA -Asr the general supervision of Dr. John Keeley, Assistant Chief, EL, and Dr. John Harrison, Chief, EL.

The authors gratefully acknowledge the help of Mr. Terry Taylor in the collection of field data as well as date supplied by Mr. Mike Maier, Mr. Jim Ott and Ms. Lori Kam of the Fort Monmouth DEH. Commander and Director of WES was COL Larry B. Fulton, EN. Dr. Robert W. Whalin was Technical Director.

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