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U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, MS


This report describes the application of methods presented in Engineer Technical Letter (ETL) "Energy Efficiency at Water Supply Pumping Stations'' to the Washington, DC, and vicinity water system.

Both the ETL and this report were prepared under the Water System Operation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation Work Unit (CWIS 31794) of the Water Supply and Conservation Research Program. The technical monitors for this program in the Office, Chief of Engineers, were Mr. James Ballif (DAEN-ECE-B) and Mr. Robert Daniel (DAEN-CWP-D). The work was conducted at the US Army Engineer (USAE) Waterways Experiment Station (WES), Vicksburg, Miss., and the University of Kentucky (UK) Civil Engineering Department.

The report was written by Dr. Lindell E. Ormsbee, assistant professor of civil engineering at UK, working with WES under an Intergovernmental Personnel Act agreement; Dr. Thomas M. Walski, a research civil engineer with the Water Resources Engineering Group (WREG) of the Environmental Engineering Division (EED), Environmental Laboratory (EL), WES; and Messrs. Donald V. Chase and Wayne W. Sharp, UK students employed by WES under the contract student program.

Mr. Anthony C. Gibson of the WREG assisted in field data collection. Work done with the Washington Aqueduct Division (WAD) of the USAE District, Baltimore, was performed under the purview of Mr. Harry C. Ways, Chief, WAD; Mr. Perry Costas, Assistant Chief, WAD; and Mr. Douglas B. Pickering, Chief, Plant Operations Branch, WAD. The report was reviewed by Mr. M. John Cullinane of the Water Supply and Waste Treatment Group, EED, and Dr. Keith W. Little of the Research Triangle Institute, Research Triangle Park, N.C. The report was edited by Ms. Jessica S. Ruff of the WES Information Technology Laboratory. The study was conducted under the supervision of Mr. F. Douglas Shields, Jr., Acting Chief, WREG; Dr. Raymond L. Montgomery, Chief, EED; and Dr. John Harrison, Chief, EL. Commander and Director of WES was Col. Dwayne G. Lee, CE. Technical Director was Dr. Robert W. Whalin.

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