Geotechnical Properties of Marine and Deltaic Soft Clays

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Conference Paper

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Advances in Measurement and Modeling of Soil Behavior


More and more construction projects are encountering soft clays and hence there is a need to better quantifying the properties of soft clays. In this study, physical, index and strength properties of marine (different parts of the world) and deltaic soft clays (Houston, Texas) were determined using the soft soil database developed from the published data in the literature. Data was analyzed using statistical methods (mean, standard deviation, variance and probability density function). Based on the coefficient of variation (COV), the deltaic deposit from one location showed greater variation in the index properties than the marine deposits collectively. Although the undrained shear strengths for both deposits were beta distribution the COV for the undrained shear strength for the marine and deltaic soft clays were 38% and 26% respectively. The linear relationship between undrained shear strength (Su) and preconsolidation (σp) was verified for the marine clays. A new relationship between undrained shear strength (Su) and in-situ vertical stress (σv) has been developed for the soft clays. Also constitutive models used for predicting the soft soil behavior have been summarized.




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American Society of Civil Engineers

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Denver, CO