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Proceedings of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering 2015: Geotechnical Safety and Risk V


Settlement of problematic soils constituting the roadway subgrade may result in pavement distress and structural failure, requiring periodic pavement patching and resurfacing. Many of these problems occur as a result of the settlement of soft cohesive and organic soils. Due to the extent of roadway projects and the limited frequency of boring locations, spatial variability of subsurface soil conditions, and sometimes due to an inadequate extent of exploration, these problematic soils may not be identified suitably during subsurface explorations. An extensive subsurface exploration program was implemented for detailed characterization of subsurface conditions for a relatively short section of an existing roadway experiencing continuing settlements. This paper presents some of the exploration results, assesses the spatial variability of the subsurface soil conditions, and comments on the effect of spatial variability of subsurface conditions on the roadway's performance.

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