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Abstract: The present invention generally relates to miniature proteins, including miniature proteins that are permeable to cells. Certain aspects of the invention are generally related to miniature proteins, such as avian pancreatic polypeptide (aPP), modified such that the miniature proteins are permeable to cells. For instance, a portion of the aPP, such as the alpha helix region and/or the type II polyproline helix region, may be modified to render the region substantially cationic. As an example, one or more residues may be substituted with cationic amino acid residues such as arginine. The miniature proteins may also have additional functions, such as the ability to bind to other proteins such as Bcl2 or hDM2. Another aspect of the invention is generally directed to sequences, such as PRR or PPR, that can be added to other proteins in order to increase their cell permeability. Still other aspects of the invention are generally directed to methods of making such proteins, methods of using such proteins, kits involving such proteins, and the like.


International Publication No.: WO 2008/133929 A2