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Description from the publisher's website: From the authors of The Speaker and The Speaker’s Primer comes an innovative new textbook that covers communication curriculum in an approachable way. Communication Pathways introduces a modern approach to the survey course, with concise chapters that emphasize communication theory. The authors organize content around a communication-centric theme: dialogue. A full chapter devoted to dialogic communication unpacks the concept for students; the authors further incorporate and explicate dialogic communication as it applies to subsequent chapter concepts. This theme is unique to the text and is a central element of what the authors aim to accomplish: to create competent communicators who can advocate ideas civilly, explain complicated subjects, and disagree without being disagreeable in a variety of interactive settings.

  • Dialogic communication theme unifies survey communication course content to foster student engagement and concept application
  • Concise presentation offers theory-based learning that leaves room for instructor innovation
  • “Mediated Moments” feature illustrates key concepts from chapters through contemporary, relatable examples
  • “Dialing Diversity” boxes engage age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, and ethnicity



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Chapter 1, "The Basics of Communication," is provided for download with the permission of the publisher. To order the entire volume, see the publisher's website.


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