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Institute for Management Excellence Newsletter


When we take a job with a company, we instantly develop a large network of new acquaintances. The relationships we have with co-workers are called “nonvoluntary relationships” because as long as we hold a job with that organization, we have no choice but to interact with the other people who work there.

As long as we like our co-workers, the nonvoluntary nature of these relationships is unremarkable, but for most of us it is inevitable that we won’t like a few of those people. This can cause a difficult situation. Relationships with co-workers we don’t like are stressful. The stronger our disdain and the more closely we have to work with such individuals, the more stress these relationships cause.

This article covers:

* How to cope

* What research tells us

* Tips for dealing with people we don’t like

* The importance of mastering this skill


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