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This year’s Newsletter is full of opportunities, information, and fabulous essays from a variety of schol-ars. Please take some time to submit your work to one of the calls for papers or next year’s Newsletter, join CPP, and participate in supporting peace and nonviolence in our turbulent world. See “contents” for a detailed overview of what is in this issue. Make sure to share the Newsletter with anyone who might be interested, and for early career scholars, please take advantage of the Bill Gay Award.


  • President’s Page (2)
  • Essay Prizes, Accomplishments, and Awards (3)
  • APA Divisions and APA Calls for Abstracts (4)
  • CPP Officers (4)
  • Getting Involved (5)
  • Calls for Papers (6 - 9)
  • Essay: US Military Aid to Ukraine: Business as Usual? by Duane Cady (10)
  • Essay: The NATO Proxy War in Ukraine against Russia, by Edward Demenchonok (11)
  • Member Profile: Gail M. Presbey (12)
  • Member Profile: Andrew Fitz-Gibbon (13)
  • Essay: Towards Perpetual Peace and Sustainable Order, by Alvin Tan (14)
  • CPP at the APA (15)
  • Essay: Friendship During Conflict and Conflicting Friendships, by Henry Vumjou (16)
  • Essay: My New Favorite Anti-War Film: Godzilla Minus One (No spoilers), by Kate C.S. Schmidt (17)
  • Essay: Self-Defense and the Value of Life, by Federico Germán Abal (18)
  • Essay: War On the Environment, by Anna Malavisi (18)
  • The Editor’s Ear (49)
  • Books of Interest (50)

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Philosophy | Social Justice

Concerned Philosophers for Peace, Vol. 32 (2024)



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