Context Awareness Framework Based on Contextual Graph

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Conference Paper

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5th IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications Networks


Nowadays computing becomes increasingly mobile and pervasive. One of the important steps in pervasive computing is context awareness. Context-aware pervasive systems rely on information about the context and user preferences to adapt their behavior. However, context-aware applications do not always behave as users desire and can cause users to feel dissatisfied with unexpected actions. To solve these problems, context-aware systems must provide mechanisms to adapt automatically when the context changes significantly. The interesting characteristic of context is its own behaviors which depend on various aspects of the surrounding contexts. This paper uses contextual graphs to solve the problem “the mutual relationships among the contexts.” We describe the most relevant work in this area, as well as ongoing research on developing context-aware system for ubiquitous computing based on contextual graph.

The usage of contextual graph in context awareness is expected to make it effective for developers to develop various applications with the need of context reasoning.

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Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia