ISS: The Interactive Smart-home Simulator

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Conference Paper

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11th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology


Digital homes provide the best services to home's occupants by using modern devices, home appliances that integrate transparently and simplify usability in the home. However, the realization in the real environment is difficult and takes a long time to build. Thus, to support the implementation in the real smart home, it is necessary to demonstrate that things can be done in the simulator, which deals with virtual appliances and devices modeling the real smart-home environment.

In this paper, we propose ISS, an interactive smart-home simulator system focusing on controlling and simulating the behavior of an intelligent house. The developed system aims to provide architects and designers a simulation and useful tool for understanding the interaction between environment, people and the impact of embedded and pervasive technology on in daily life.

In this research, the smart house is considered as an environment made up of independent and distributed devices interacting to support users' goals and tasks. Therefore, by using ISS, the developer can realize the relationship among virtual home space, surrounded environment, users and home appliances.

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Phoenix Park, Korea