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Proceedings of the 48th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE)


Specification and implementation of flexible human-computer dialogs is challenging because of the complexity involved in rendering the dialog responsive to a vast number of varied paths through which users might desire to complete the dialog. To address this problem, we developed a toolkit for modeling and implementing task-based, mixed-initiative dialogs based on metaphors from lambda calculus. Our toolkit can automatically operationalize a dialog that involves multiple prompts and/or sub-dialogs, given a high-level dialog specification of it. Our current research entails incorporating the use of natural language to make the flexibility in communicating user utterances commensurate with that in dialog completion paths.

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Faculty advisor: Saverio Perugini, associate professor of computer science at the University of Dayton

Full citation: Buck, J.W., and Perugini, S. (2016). Mixed-initiative personal assistants [Abstract]. In Barnes, T. & Garcia, D. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 48th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE). New York, NY: ACM Press, pp. 753-754. (Student research competition)



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New York, NY

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