Dayton has given the world the cash register, the automobile self-starter, powered flight, and the pop-top can, among other innovations. It also is the birthplace of funk music, fueling the 1970s funk music boom with nearly a dozen Dayton bands on major record labels during the latter half of that decade, including the Ohio Players, Zapp, Lakeside and Heatwave.

In 2018, the University of Dayton gave the world the Dayton Funk Symposium and Dance Party, bringing together scholars, teachers, students, and performing artists to explore the rhythmic groove-based genre that put Dayton on the musical map. It also included guided tours of the newly opened Funk Music Hall of Fame & Exhibition Center and the “Land of Funk” murals in downtown Dayton.

Here, you can watch or read the presentations given at the symposium. For information about presenting at a future Dayton Funk Symposium, contact the Graul Chair. To submit a paper or proposal for consideration, use the "Submit" link in the left column of this page.

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2018 Dayton Funk Symposium and Dance Party