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It is important for the University to formally articulate its philosophy of why and how we support our LGBTQ+ community. Our approach is grounded in our Catholic, Marianist mission – which includes honoring the intrinsic value of all people and fostering a community where all people feel respected as children of God. This rationale stems from our mission as a university where rigorous intellectual inquiry and vigorous dialogue occur.

Currently, at least 15% of the student population at the University of Dayton self-identifies as being members of the LGTBQ+ community, along with numerous faculty, staff, alumni and their family members; the actual percentage of LGBTQ+ individuals is surely higher.

As a Catholic and Marianist university, we promote and share the Catholic faith and hear the call of our Church to respond with respect, compassion and sensitivity to all of our community members. We live in a society of people who follow many diverse faith traditions, as do members of our campus community whose presence enriches it. As we uphold and prioritize the Catholic faith, we also uphold the Church’s teaching on religious freedom and the inviolability of conscience. We, therefore, respect the faith traditions and beliefs of all our campus members.

In this effort, we draw from our commitment to our Catholic and Marianist identity, and the fullness of its complexities applied within our own unique university environment.

This philosophical vision details how UD, as a Catholic and Marianist institution and given the Church’s teaching on sexual orientation and gender, supports all in our community. We strive to be inclusive of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, and friends who identify as LGBTQ+ or are close allies of LGBTQ+ people. This rationale and approach have been approved by the Marianist provincial and are supported by our Board of Trustees.