A Clinical Practice Guideline for the Screening and Assessment of Cancer-related Fatigue

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Conference Paper

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American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting


Cancer-related fatigue (CRF) impacts nearly all individuals diagnosed with cancer at some point along the care continuum, with prevalence rates reported as high as 90%. CRF differs from typical fatigue in that it is a sense of physical, emotional, cognitive tiredness that is not associated with activity nor relieved by rest. CRF is associated with lower levels of health-related quality of life. This debilitating condition must be recognized and treated so that individuals with cancer can fully participate in life activities. Screening for referral and comprehensive assessment is dependent upon valid, reliable, and clinically feasible measures. The speakers will present a clinical practice guideline with evidence-based recommendations for use of the best measures to screen and assess for CRF.

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Denver, CO

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