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Journal of Student Physical Therapy Research


Objectives: Determine the magnitude of association between individual subtest items of the Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency, second edition (BOT-2), and the respective total subtest scores and to review items on the BOT-2 Short Form.

Background: The Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency, second edition (BOT-2), is a test used to measure gross motor proficiency in both typically developing children and children with developmental disabilities between the ages of four and twenty-one. The BOT-2 Short Form consists of fourteen test items proportionally selected from the subtests of the Complete Form. It can be used as a screening tool and takes less time to administer.

Methods and Measures: A convenience sample of forty-four children (twenty-one male, twenty-three Female; six to ten years), who were enrolled at a Midwestern elementary school, participated. Data was collected in one session. The BOT-2 subtests of Manual Dexterity, Bilateral Coordination, Running Speed and Agility, and Upper Limb Coordination were administered to subjects. Subjects progressed through the subtests in random order and each subtest was graded and administered by a consistent person. Means and standard deviations were calculated for the scores on the individual subtest items. Pearson correlation tests were run to determine the magnitude of the association between the individual subtest items and the respective subtest total score; the magnitude of association was assessed to see if the items that make up the Short Form were strongly associated with their subtest total score.

Results: All items in the Manual Dexterity, Running Speed and Agility, and Upper Limb Coordination subtest were significantly correlated (p < 0.05) with their overall subtest score. Two items in the Bilateral Coordination subtest were not significantly correlated with the overall subtest score, one that was included on the Short Form.

Conclusions: Most items on the BOT-2 subtests administered were significantly correlated with their overall respective subtest scores. However, revisions to the short form may be needed in order to include more items that are all significantly correlated with their respective subtest scores.

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