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The Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency, second edition (BOT-2), is used to measure fine and gross motor proficiency in children ages 4- 21 years.1 The BOT-2 consists of both a Complete and Short Form and is comprised of 4 composites with 8 subtests. The Short Form consists of 14 items proportionally selected from the subtests of the Complete Form. Despite requiring less time to administer and score, a group of researchers found that the BOT-2 Short Form is not a valid measure for assessing motor proficiency in 4-6 year olds, suggesting that a revision of the Short Form may be advised.2 Brahler et al3 investigated 4 subtests (Strength, Balance, Precision and Integration) with children 6-10 years of age. They found that several items were poorly associated with their subtest total scores and the Short Form contained low yield items in 3 of these subtests.

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Project completed in partial fulfillment of requirements for Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree.

Test Items in the Complete and Short Forms of the BOT-2 that Correlate to Subtest Score in Typically Developing Children 6-10 Years of Age