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Early detection efforts and aggressive treatment have resulted in female breast cancer survival rates approaching 90%. Treatments for breast cancer often result in upper extremity morbidities including the development of lymphedema. Impairments may result from the development of lymphedema, including decreased arm function, range of motion and strength along with increased arm swelling and heaviness. This arm swelling can be accompanied by a general decline in the quality of life (QOL). Therefore, it is important to determine effective methods to manage lymphedema. Exercise is one aspect of lymphedema management that has been supported by research to improve physiologic function of the lymphatic system by enabling more return into the circulatory system. Although resistive exercise programs have been shown to be safe and effective to augment lymphedema management, the effect of yoga practice on lymphedema has been minimally studied in this population.

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Physical Therapy | Rehabilitation and Therapy

Effects of Yoga on Arm Volume Among Women with Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema: A Pilot Study