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On Saturday afternoon, Oct. 22, participants had the opportunity to take an "Erma road trip" that included a visit to Woodland Cemetery to see Erma Bombeck's gravesite.

Artist's Note

The gravesite trip on Saturday was a welcome change to be outside and to walk around the beautiful grounds of the university campus. I found myself talking with the University Archivist and Coordinator of Special Collections, Kristina Schulz, who shared plans about a larger, more formal housing of the Erma Bombeck archives. I am going to speak with her again in the near future to discuss her participation in my next book, The Most Fascinating Museums. I only took photos on this trip and started painting it at a bench, but the circumstances were such that I waited until we returned to the hotel to finish this illustration. After over 20, I was a bit tired. The elements in the picture are not quite that close together, but for the sake of the illustration, I placed them a bit closer so they could be included in one.


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