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Subject of illustration: Brooke Warner during her session. Session description:

Reflection and Takeaway: The Heart and Soul of Memoir (Brooke Warner): Memoir is more than just a story of what happened to you. Its heart and soul lies in two elements of craft that every memoirist needs to have a firm handle on: reflection and takeaway. Most beginning memoirists are so focused on the plot of their story that they forget that readers love memoir for what it says about the human condition, for its capacity to help us understand something about the world we live in or about ourselves. Reflection requires you to stop your narrative and answer the question, “What sense do I make of this part of my story?” Takeaway asks you write about your thoughts and impressions on your subject matter, to delve deeper into your experience and your message and to be a wise voice for your reader. In this session, Brooke Warner, publisher of She Writes Press and author of three books on memoir, will address reflection and takeaway and show you exactly how to implement this kind of writing into your memoir, complete with examples from published works. You’ll leave knowing how to tap into the heart of your memoir and to connect with your reader on a whole new level.

Artist's Note

Brooke Warner has such a cool look and a confidence that wins over a room. You can see that in the drawing that was the easiest one for me.


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