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High surface area, porous, metallic (Ti, Cr) nanorod thin ¯lms with columnar microstructure can be deposited using conventional physical vapor deposition technique of E-beam evaporation. The technique relies on the physical vapor deposition onto a static substrate oriented in a position where °ux from the source material (Ti, Cr) arrives at oblique angle. The adatoms provides geometrical shadowing which results in growth of nanorod columns in the direction of vapor source. Deposition conditions such as angle of the incoming vapor °ux, substrate temperature, surface di®usion etc. have strong in°uence on the shape and arrangement of the columnar thin ¯lms. In this work, we demonstrate the growth and electrical characterization of these nanostructured thin ¯lms. Preliminary results on these ¯lms exhibit electrical resis- tivity anisotropy, when characterized by measuring their electrical resistivity using conventional van der pauw method. Origin and possible causes of this resistivity anisotropy is discussed.

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