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The India Africa Framework


During his illustrious lifetime, Rabindranath Tagore travelled extensively around the world, spreading inspiration and gaining veneration in most destinations as the emissary of the East and of a deeply futuristic Universalist philosophy. An assessment of the intellectuals and cultural icons of the world whom Tagore encountered, interacted with, and influenced, is both astonishing and indeed still waiting to be adequately evaluated. His exchanges with Einstein, Wells, Rolland, Gide, Freud, Durant, Yeats, Rothenstein, Andrews, Noguchi, Gandhi, Radhakrishnan, Nehru, Bose and numerous others are well-documented. Tagore's literary works and public life centered on rejoicing in and celebrating everything unique and artistic in human culture. In the grandest sense, he saw all cultures (East, West, Middle-East, or Latin America) as equally rich in their potential to inspire lofty pursuits of the human mind. As much as he participated in India's freedom movement against British imperial rule, serving as the nation's inspirational voice through his lectures, teachings, literary works, and of course, his greatest forte -- poetry and musical compositions, Tagore empathized as well as identified with the cause of freedom and the struggle against oppression and violence everywhere in the world.

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