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A smart home network will support various smart devices and applications, e.g., home automation devices, E-health devices, regular computing devices, and so on. Most devices in a smart home access the Internet through a home gateway (HGW). In this paper, we propose a software-defined- network (SDN)-HGW framework to better manage distributed smart home networks and support the SDN controller of the core network. The SDN controller enables efficient network quality-of-service management based on real-time traffic monitoring and resource allocation of the core network. However, it cannot provide network management in distributed smart homes. Our proposed SDN-HGW extends the control to the access network, i.e., a smart home network, for better end-to-end network management. Specifically, the proposed SDN-HGW can achieve distributed application awareness by classifying data traffic in a smart home network. Most existing traffic classification solutions, e.g., deep packet inspection, cannot provide real-time application awareness for encrypted data traffic. To tackle those issues, we develop encrypted data classifiers (denoted as DataNets) based on three deep learning schemes, i.e., multilayer perceptron, stacked autoencoder, and convolutional neural networks, using an open data set that has over 200 000 encrypted data samples from 15 applications. A data preprocessing scheme is proposed to process raw data packets and the tested data set so that DataNet can be created. The experimental results show that the developed DataNets can be applied to enable distributed application-aware SDN-HGW in future smart home networks.

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