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Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research


Preparing teachers and leaders to become culturally competent has become a global concern and a priority. To date, there has been little research con- ducted among school leaders regarding how new diversity knowledge is transferred to schools. Therefore, the purpose of the present qualitative study is to explore the extent to which future educational leaders enrolled in a graduate course regarding diversity are able to transfer the newly acquired knowledge to their professional lives and to understand what hinders and enhances their transfer of knowledge. Using the multidimen- sional model of learning transfer as a theoretical framework and analyz- ing the findings, I suggest that participants of this present study were able to use new diversity knowledge in their personal and professional lives. Further analysis identified enhancers and inhibitors to the transfer of such diversity knowledge. Based on the present study’s findings, I provide recommendations for practice and research related to facilitating and sus- taining the transfer of diversity knowledge among aspiring school leaders.

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