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Today, I invite you to Ghana to present the findings of a study that examined the extent to which mobile technology enhanced the transfer of learning post training. Seven school leaders from three different schools were interviewed after they attended a three-day leadership training. Additionally, I sent conversation triggers twice a week using WhatsApp. For this research study, WhatsApp was chosen to follow up after the three-day leadership training for several reasons: (1) the school leaders engaged on WhatsApp prior to the training for administrative purposes with the NGO Ghanaian staff; (2) school leaders are busy and have limited time to meet face to face to follow up and increase their learning; (3) even those who were absent during the training were invited to join the WhatsApp group if they were present on the last day; (4) following up by email is more difficult in a marginalized communities where few people own a computer and there is a shortage of electricity on a daily basis; and (5) cellular data are affordable in Ghana and most school leaders were already using WhatsApp for their personal use. WhatsApp is so pervasive in Ghana that is estimated that 90% of information flows through WhatsApp. Hence, WhatsApp was used to follow up post training, continue professional development, and create a community of learners.

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