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Teaching and learning are social and cultural activities. Across cultures people have different ways of communicating, interacting, and learning. Consequently, learning may not occur without understanding the role national cultures play on organizing and facilitating training events. This study is part of a larger study that took place over a period of six years, from 2013 to 2019, in West Africa. Using Hofstede et al., (2010) Six Cultural Dimensions model as a conceptual framework, this paper sought to examine the extent to which factors of national culture influences the facilitation of professional learning among school principals in two West African countries. Findings indicated that facilitators adapted to national culture in the dimensions of Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, and Long-Term Orientation. This study is significant because teaching does not always equate to learning, and understanding the role of cultural factors can improve learning transfer. If facilitators and practitioners understood how national cultures influence teaching, they would adapt and adjust their practices to the national cultures they serve in order to improve learning outcomes. Based on the study findings, this paper offers recommendations for those practitioners who work with adults in international contexts and/or who attend to learners from various cultural backgrounds.


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National culture, culture, training, learning, professional development, adult education



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