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Journal of Contemplative and Holistic Education


This paper summarizes key learning insights from the 2023 U.S. Summit on Transformative Education organized by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network USA. Over 400 members from higher education institutions, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, students, and teachers, joined the online event held February 23-25. The Summit created a bridge between social justice issues with an historical lens and sustainable development. Learning insights include those shared by session speakers, dialogue among participants during thematic conversations and regional networking forums, comments made by attendees on session Jamboards and the Zoom Chat function, and post-Summit feedback. A high-level thematic review was undertaken to cluster emergent themes and develop a rubric that might help education facilitators create curriculum, lesson plans, and activities together with signposting resources to support the global movement towards a more just and sustainable world. It is clear that higher education is embracing transformation, undertaking intentional self-disruption with a focus on action, ethics, and mindfulness. The Summit shows the sector is becoming more connected to the society it serves, engaging in radical collaboration with stakeholders, with sustainable development activities fueled by the convening power of universities and colleges and the agency of students.



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