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Journal of Applied Research in the Community College


Community college (CC) admissions counselors (ACs) are essential employees who serve as ambassadors of the institution. Their role involves providing valuable information to potential students and their families, leading to CC admissions. However, there is a lack of research exploring their work and how they cope with and adapt to the demands of their job. ACs juggle college fairs, campus visits, and reviewing application materials, which can be physically and emotionally challenging. To maintain stable student enrollment, CC leaders must find ways to keep ACs engaged and motivated. This study identified core competencies needed for communally engaged ACs by examining the alignment between position descriptions and the expectations of community college recruitment to assist students in the college decision-making process. By improving position descriptions and policies, this research sought to enhance ACs’ ability to cope with and adapt to their work and reduce high turnover in CC admissions offices.

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community colleges, admissions counselor, funds of knowledge, street-level bureaucrats, core competencies



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