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Contemporary School Administration presents a pragmatic approach to school administration as a career choice, offering a broad, comprehensive overview of educational leadership in both public and private schools.

The initial chapters provide a foundation for understanding leadership and management, the primary components of administration. Common questions students ask regarding academic study, licensure, job opportunities, income, and career development are featured in the early chapters. The text is also unique in that it covers critical topics ignored in most other introductory books. Examples of these topics include private schools, women and minorities in administration, and communication. Content does not overlap with subject matter commonly covered in subsequent courses. Material at the end of each chapter can be used for individual and group assignments as well as for class discussions.



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Chapter 9, "Challenges of Leadership," is included in the repository for download with the permission of the publisher. It is now out of print but is widely available in academic libraries including the University of Dayton's.

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