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A cornerstone for effective teaching and learning is vested in the quality of the way in which students focus on the content of their lessons. The chapters in this book, then, offer cross-national perspectives on best practices when dealing with the challenge of student misconduct. The chapter authors, all distinguished academics and/ or jurists, have contributed their reviews of the state of the law and practice in their nations. As readers peruse the chapters, they will recognize that the way in which educators address student discipline varies around the world.

The first book of its kind, this volume consists of a collection of essays designed to enhance a common understanding of the rights of students when they are subjected to discipline. These informative, thought provoking, well-written, and researched chapters, authored by leading academics and/ or jurists in the field, serve as up-to-date and ready sources of information to help keep educational leaders, academics, and students abreast of the many changes in the ever-growing area of comparative student discipline.



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Chapter 5, "Disciplining Students in the United States," is provided for download by permission of the publisher. Permission documentation is on file.

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