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Gravissimus Educationis: Golden Opportunities in American Catholic Education 50 Years after Vatican II reviews the development of American Catholic schools since the promulgation of Gravissimus Educationis, the only document on education produced by the Ecumenical Council known as Vatican II. This document literally translated as “The Importance of Education,” addresses how extremely vital Catholic education, in particular, is in modern life.

Cattaro and Russo also reflect on changes that have transpired since the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore of 1884. This council forever changed the shape of nonpublic education in the United States in its decree that all parishes in the United States were to construct Catholic schools for the education of children. This volume is also designed to benefit Catholic Educators in all at levels form primary to higher education. The chapters in this book, prepared by leading experts on various aspects of Catholic education or other forms of non-public education in the United States, provide a history as to the recent development on Catholic schools.

Gravissimus Educationis: Golden Opportunities in American Catholic Education 50 Years after Vatican II provides the context of change and the current state of Catholic Schools in the United States and, in some sense, the global perspective. The scope of this book goes beyond the professional educator in Catholic Schools as it also address the stakeholders of Catholic education such as parents who are consumers, pastors, religious educators, and donors.

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