Recession Never

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This video excerpt, from the 1990 video “The Eyes of the Poet,” features Herbert Woodward Martin performing the works of Paul Laurence Dunbar.

Dr. Martin, University of Dayton professor emeritus, is an acclaimed scholar and interpreter of Dunbar’s works.

This is the first paragraph from the essay Recession Never, published in the Toledo Journal on December 18, 1898. This was a response to the brutal attack of Blacks during the race riot in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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It would seem that the man who sits at his desk in the North and writes about the troubles in the South is very apt to be like a doctor who prescribes for a case he has no chance to diagnose. It would be true in this instance, also, if it were not that what has happened in Georgia has happened in Ohio and Illinois. The race riots in North Carolina were of a piece with the same proceedings in the state of Lincoln. The men who shoot the Negro in Hogansville are blood brothers to those who hang him in Urbana, and the deed is neither better nor worse because it happens in one section of the country or other. The race spirit in the United States is not local but general.