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Over the past few years there has been a lot of attention given to the amount of women, or lack thereof, in the publishing world. Statistics provided by the 2013 Vida Count show that not only should those numbers be much stronger, but so should the representations of women and their variations of sexuality in published works. Roxane Gay writes in the introduction to her 2014 book, Bad Feminist: Essays, “Movies, more often than not, tell the stories of men as if men’s stories are the only stories that matter. When women are involved, they are the sidekicks, the romantic interests, the afterthoughts. Rarely do women get to be the center of attention. Rarely do our stories get to matter.” When we add lesbian to a female’s story, we find ourselves once again at the main point of my fellow reader: women are marginalized in this world. Lesbians are doubly marginalized.

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This essay was included in the Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event 2015, held online Jan. 11-31, 2015, on the Babbling About Books and More blog >>>.