Improving the Hospital Discharge Process Using Lean Approach

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Conference Paper

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Proceedings of the 2016 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference


Medical services are one of the most important daily practices, so most people demand impeccable service. One of the most important things for hospitals is to provide their patients excellent care, but also to make the patients feel important and unique. For this reason, the discharge process is an important part of the hospital stay because it is the last opportunity to give a good impression. In order to achieve a more efficient discharge process, we have utilized Lean Healthcare at the Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center (FSRMC). Lean Health Care’s importance has emerged and becomes more evident, because in addition to it, resulting in a more efficient process, it emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction with due consideration towards the staff and not placing difficult, unattainable goals on the hospital staff. This methodology helps hospitals because it reduces the time it takes to complete everyday tasks, while simultaneously eliminating some of the wastes, keeping in mind the quality of care the patients receive and the service the hospital provides. The purpose of Lean Healthcare is to try to reduce the mistakes and improve the process.

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